#EFUF2016 blog competition

The organizers of the European Forum on Urban Forestry 2016 have decided to make the countdown to the conference more involving and interesting. This is why we are holding the #EFUF2016 blog competition!

We kindly invite you (along with your colleagues, students and friends) to send us your best blog posts about the urban forest themes for 2016, which are: urban forests and resilient cities, urban forests, health and well-being, urban forests, governance and management and urban forests and the promotion of the city.


Why get involved? There is an award! The best blog post will be awarded a free full conference package, including the excursion on the 4th of June! For the second best two blog posts, the award will be the Saturday excursion. If you win and won’t be able to attend the conference, you are going to receive a complementary reward. The authors of the best three blog posts will have the opportunity to present the story behind their post at the conference either by oral presentation or by a poster.

What to write about? Your blog post might be on the topic of your work, research or a project you were/are involved in. You can also look within yourself and write a personal blog about the Forum’s topics. If you are still not sure what to write, please take a look at the short description of the themes at the conference website to get a better overview. Don’t forget to check out the people who have submitted their blog posts before you.

Be creative! The only limit is the scope of the conference themes. Try not to exceed approximately 500 words – blog posts with more words are rarely read in their entirety. Before publication your contribution will be edited by the #EFUF2016 blog competition editorial board. The blog posts will be assessed by how much feedback they generate from the readers and by the editorial board. Read the full rules of the blog competition here.

Join in to win!

  • Send your blog post in a .docx or .doc format to efuf2016@gmail.com
  • [optional] Include photos and/or figures with captions and credits for each one.
  • Wait for the blog to be published and share your blog with friends & colleagues.

Want to win? Here are some tips.

The #EFUF2016 blog post competition starts on the March 1st and finishes on May 3rd 2016!

Good luck!

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