Dear reader, thank you for taking the time to find out about our website!

This website is the unofficial blog of European Forum on Urban Forestry 2016 and the official website of the #EFUF2016 blog competition. If you would like to submit a blog post and try to win a free conference package, please take a look at the Instructions for submitting your blog post.

Motivated to post but not sure how? Take a look at our guide: Why and how to submit a blog post for the #EFUF2016 blog competition? Blog post scoring is explained in the Rules of the blog competition.


This blog is a part of the communication activities of the European Forum of Urban Forestry 2016, which is going to take place from May 31 to June 4 in Ljubljana and Celje, Slovenia. The conference is organised by the Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia Forest Service and the City of Ljubljana (the European Green Capital 2016).

Register for the conference here!

Disclaimer: the content in the blog posts is submitted by different authors and edited by the #EFUF2016 Communications team. While affiliated, the content of this website does not represent the official views of EFUF 2016.


Editor-in-Chief: Boris Rantaša

Managing Editor: Anita Mašek, Špela Planinšek, Saša Vochl

Editorial Board: Anita Mašek / Špela Planinšek / Boris Rantaša / Andrej Verlič / Urša Vilhar / Saša Vochl

Translations: Anita Mašek

Blog ISSN: 2463-946X


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