#EFUF2016 blog competition rules

Each competition entry will be an individual blog post on #EFUF2016 blog. The winners will be determined in two steps:

Step 1:

The first selection of the top ten posts will be based on the appreciation of your blog post by the online public. The top 10 posts are going to be picked based on:

  • How many comments each blog post gets (We encourage quality “dialogue” and exchange of views);
  • How many likes you blog post gets (you can only “Like” a post if you have a wordpress.com account)
  • How many “Facebook shares” the post gets (How many people clicked on the “FB” button below the post);
  • How many “LinkedIn shares” the post gets;
  • How many times your blogpost was viewed (WordPress.com statistics).

The “First selection score” (FSC) will be calculated with the formula:

FSC = (5 * #Comments) + (2* #Likes) + (#FB) + (#LinkedIn) + (0,5 * #Views)

#LinkedIn and #FB represent shares (as visible on the buttons below the blog posts). We reserve the right to change the formula in case of extremely high view numbers. We reserve the right to disqualify blog posts on the grounds of serious suspicion of cheating/hacking.

Step 2:

The blog posts are going to be evaluated by the #EFUF2016 editorial board. The editorial board consists of scientists and experts in the fields of Urban Forestry, other Life Sciences and Communications. They will, individually, score each blog entry based on the theme or initiative you presented (originality, impact, sustainability…) and the way you presented the title theme in a blogpost. The individual judges’ scores will be combined to make the final score.

The editorial board will give another 50% of final score on the top 10 posts (final selection).

***International women’s day opportunity: All blog posts issued from March 8 till March 15th written by women will receive a 10% increase to the final score of their blogs!***

#EFUF2016 editorial board: Dr. Andrej Verlič, Dr. Urša Vilhar, M.Sc. Špela Planinšek, Saša Vochl, Boris Rantaša, Anita Mašek

The final grade consists 50% of online public selection and 50% of editorial board score.

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